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The following are the most popular publishers of ESL teaching material in Quebec.


Chenelière Éducation is always coming out with new ESL material for the primary, secondary school and even the college level. Their books are widely used in the province of Quebec. One of their most popular series is QUEST which is a complete turn-key teaching method approved by the ministry of education.

Phone: 1-800-565-5531

Les Éditions CEC are " a leader in educational publishing for 55 years ". They have published many ESL titles both in textbook and activity book format for all levels: primary, secondary, collegiate and even some university level.

Phone: 1-800-363-0494

ERPI has lots of great ESL material for all levels. They are a division of Pearson, an international publisher. At ERPI you’ll find books for all levels including collegiate and university.

Phone: 1-800-263-3678

Les Éditions du Grand Duc is also a leader in educational textbooks. Their Ministry of Education approved ESL books are always well done, Kick-Off is their first-cycle secondary level material and Connecting is the textbook for the higher levels.

Phone: 1-800-567-3671

Lidec was once the authority in ESL. It still remains a leader thanks in part to it’s popular ESL primary material A New Twist to English, and also to the High 5 series at the secondary level.

Phone: 1-800-350-5991

Les Éditions de l’Envolée specializes in reproducible material. There is a lot of great stuff for ESL. There are so many different themes to choose from. Here you’ll find reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary material. You’ll also find stuff for special occasions like Christmas, Halloween and more.

Phone: 1-866-504-5607

There are so many books to choose from on the Scholastic Canada website. You'll find everything for young readers to adults. You'll also find a lot of professional development books for teachers.

Phone: 1-800-268-3860

Although not a publisher of books, La Maison Anglaise is still one of the best places to brouse for your favourite English titles or to order English books for your school library. They are situated in Quebec City.

Phone: (418) 654-9523

Based in Ottawa, Bacon and Hugues offers a wide selection of books for primary, secondary and even the collegiate and voactional level. This publisher even has material related to the IB program.

You can al;so find a fine selection of teacher's pocketbooks on themes related to our teaching practices such as: How to Deal with Students with Special Needs, Bullying, and more.

Phone: 1-800-563-2468

Collection Tardivel

Collection Tardivel is ESL material created specifically for the Special Education Sector.

Check it out here:

Phone: 1 888 284-5011

Curriculum Plus is a publishing company that offers many different children's literature books.

They also have a wide array of Reader's Theatre books which are always popular with ESL students.

Phone: 1-888-566-9730


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