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Here are the student blogs:

Group 508
Lori B. Adventures Around the World
Sarah-Maude B. Discovering the World
Frédérique B. Discussing Disney
Valérie B. Mondelight
Charlie B. Simply Charlie
Alexann C. Conspiracy Theories
Élyse D Arts n Stuff
Zachary D. Rock 'n Roll Community
Izaïanne F. On the Road Again
Leaney G. Girly Stuff
Élizabeth H. Women's Obsessions
Ann-Gabrielle H. iBeauty Wink!
Maude H. Less You, More Me
Vincent J. The Best Bands of All Time
William L. Broadway News-ies
Lorianne M. Lorianne's Reactions
Maude M. No Rain, No Flowers
Isaac M. Dominican Republic
Maude M. Life Appreciation
Kelly-Ann M. Kelly's Not So Secret Dairy
Melody M. Bella Vida
Benjamin M. Football
Élizabeth M. Eli_Milot
Loïc N. Rap, Culture and Sneakers
Karen R. 1 Year Abroad
Samuel P. Make it Work
Camille P. Cam PB
Emmy P. Zoooooom the World
Annie P. Blog or Yeet
Raphaëlle R. Reviewsical
Liana R. TV Overloaded
Léa R. Books and Dolphins
Anne V. Tilou and Bandi
Anne-Elizabeth B. Inspirational Practical Blog
Daphney B. Daphney's Blog
Antoine B. Antoine
Maya B. Artistic Natural B Blog
Benoit B. EVl0g
Jacob Bou. The Car Squad
Rose-Ally B. Potato Blog
Leonis B. Sneeker World
Hans C. Best Abandoned Sites
Eloise D-G The LO Edition
Audrey-Ann D. VIAXHO
Éloise D. Hello Elo
Charles G. More than Music
Étienne G. Terraformed Thoughts
Arianne G. A+ Blog
Maxim G. Maximo Blog
Christine Agnes G. A Litte Bit Subjective
Alexy L. Don't Stop The Music
Raphaelle L. Fill Your Life With Adventures
Héloise L. The Subtle Art of Personal Development
Maev L. How to Survive
Phenix L. My Writer's Lookout
Arielle L. My World Edits
Maeva L. Peanut Style of Life
Etienne L. The Freedom Flyer
Flavie L. Inside this Huge World
Alexandrine L. Alex's Place
Matthieu L. The Ultimate Blog
Mathis M. MTB Bike Spots in Canada
Louis-Philip M. Time Stealer Writer
Antoine M. The Traveler's Blog
Léane P. Lele's Blog
Marianne R. Rowling
Alice B. Acquoccidla
Jacob Bis. Hunting the Trout and the Buck
Karol-Ann B. Enjoy Life
Megane B. Boubou's Life
Eric B. Eric's Blog
Florence C. Flo with an "O"
Nataly C. Feel
Laura G. C. A Laugical Life
Vanessa C. Vanesso's Blog
Amélie C. Netflix N' Thrill
Julianne F. Juliano's Blog
Pierre-Ulric G. The Fashion Hub
Juliette H. See the World
Alex L. Alex Without an "E"
Ariane M. Ariano's Blog
Mégan N. We Are All the Same
Marilie T. Simply Marilie
Raphael T. My English Class Blog
Emma T. Emmacarena
Mégane T. Just Me
Lorie U.G. The Lo Life
Anne-Sarah V. Everyday Everything
Jeremy V. Big Dreams, One Life
Crystal H. Y. Someday Today


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