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Here are the student blogs:

Group 508
Tiffany Tiffany's Thoughts
Anthony DLC Hip Hop Blog
Jeremy D. Rap Kulture
Renaud F. Rono's
Nathan F.

MɄ₴ï₵ & ₴₮Ʉ₣₣

Emmanuelle H. Emma's Blog
Julia L. Julia's Blog
Amine World Problems
Laury-Ann L. Laury's Blog
Kelly-Ann Dice & Disaster
Virginie L. Bivi's Blog
Antoine L. Let Me Get Some Meme
Maxence  🅱read
Antoine M. Cheesington
Claudia M. Dia's Blog
Melanie M. Lil' Mel
Zoé P. The Blog Who Doesn't Have a Name
Mylène R. Mylène's Blog
Virginie R. Virginie's Blog
Odrey S. Odrey's Blog
Emile T. Weird Sports
Josiane V. Around the Globe
Thierry B. Rap
Matis B. The Power of Universe
Raphaëlle C. Me Myself and I
Noémie C. Chev's Blog
Daphnée D. Daphnée's Blog
Meg D. An Ordinary Girl
Alexane G. Alexane's Blog
Marie-Jeanne G. MJ's Blog
Olivier G. O.G. Blog
Emily G. Travelling on the East Coast
Marianne H. Marianne's Blog
Van H. WHAT!
Simon H. The Minecrafter
Gabriel J. My Favourite Activities
Alexane L. Alexane's Blog
Marilie L. The Reason Why
Simon L. Llamas and Alpacas is There a Difference?
Mathis L. Comat's Blog
Catherine L. I'm Walking on Sunshine...
Arnaud L. The Unicycle Blog
Akram L. Krima's Blog
Amira MD Barbies N'Disney
Juan MS Gothics Season :V
Christophe P. The 80s
Anne-Sophie R. Let's Watch Netflix
Jérémy R.  The Truth
Saraa S. Music n Stuff Like That
Hussain S. Hussain Sami
Gabrielle S. Eat Well, Feel Good
Marika T. Ka's Blog
Alix V. Street Life
Viviana B. Fashion Thingz
Juliette B. Ju's Life
Ilès B. The Smile Revolution
Évlyne B. Amazing Greens
Mathis C. Myron is Bae
Morgane C. Morgane's Blog
Séléna D. Cryptids, Murders and Slices of Life
Catherine D. Cath on Ice
Laurence F. Lau's Travels
Coralie F. Teenagers' Life
Raphaël G. Raphael's Blog
Mia-Kim G. Save Me, Save You
Rebecca G. Friends, here is Rebecca
Gabriel G. Gab Restoration
Thomas J. Yeah Buddy
Matis L. Don't Touch That Mouse, BadLands Chugs Is Back
Lauriane L. Lauriane's Blog
Luisa Maria L. Luisa Lerma xoxo
Fabiola M. {My Aesthetics}
Scott A Dream Sport
Nadim T. Nadim's Blog
James V. KFC MAC 'N' CHEESE *SHOCKING* (Music and more...)
Julie Z. How To Cook Easily With Julie


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