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Here are a few select game sites for ESL learners to develop their skills.

Although there are many sites for ESL games online, these are the ones that you can trust since they have earned our approval.



The Game Gal has many games for teachers to use in the classroom. I especially love the Word Generator which I use often for a quick game of Pictionary at the end of the period. I have a student come to the front of the class and draw whatever the Word Generator generates on the Activboard! There are many different levels and categories to choose from.

It's worth checking out!

Scattegories is a great game to play with your students. It really helps them develop their vocabulary.

This generator takes care of everything for you. Simply broadcast this page on your whiteboard. Categories, timer and random letter generator are all included!

Follow this link:


The BBC Skillswisewebsite is filled with cool tools for learners. Among those tools are several pages of interactive games aimed at developing vocabulary and comprehension. Students will actually enjoy playing these educational games—guaranteed!

Check out the games at:



ESL Games World has many interactive and cool games for teaching. These games can be played directly on the Activboard! Take the time to browse through the different sections. These games are really well made.


And also:



Great site of well made games that your students will enjoy. Recommended mostly for primary level, ESL Games+ is well worth checking out!





TVO has cool games for primary and some secondary level students. The games are all fun and well made.


Check it out: is a great site to practice your English by watching videos and answering questions.


Check it out:




This is truly an awesome ESL link! At Lyrics Training, they play the video and the lyrics, and you sing along. The only problem is that at the same time, you must complete a fill-in the blanks exercise to hear the entire song! They’ve got the most popular music that your students are sure to love.


Check them out:




 SKIBBL.IO is an online pictionary game. Draw and try to guess other drawings. Play versus other online players.

Check it here:



Increase your vocabulary and save the world! This is what allows you to do. Earn 10 grains of rice for each correct answer and help support the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

Check it out:


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