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The following is a list of sources for mythology has met our approval.



Great source for all Myths and Legends. Just like those stories, the tales on this site have been told over and over again. Many are very old and date back centuries, but a few come from only a short time ago.

Check them out:



A very complete mythology resource : is filled with teaching resources, webquests, reader’s theatre and much more.

The link:



This is a link to a 30-page lesson plan by teacher/writer, Raymond Huber. It includes handouts which are all .pdf documents. It starts with the basic elements of a myth and moves on to exploring different myths.


Follow this link: MYTH LESSONS



Encyclopedia MYTHICA is a complete resources for anything related to all types of mythology, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native and more. Who's Athena again? Just type her name in the search bar and find out!


Death Wish Coffee Co. has a great resource on NORSE MYTHOLOGY.

By the way, Norse Mythology is basically the set of religious stories the Vikings told to one another.

Check it out here (thanks to Jesse!): DEATH WISH COFFEE


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