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Poetry resources for teens... even for those who never thought they'd like it!



Poetry in Voice is an annual recitation contest for Canadian high schools with a lot of money up for grabs to the winning school. On the contest website, you’ll find poems, submissions from other schools, a zone for students, and teachers. This site will teach kids how to perform their poetry and they’ll be able to submit their own video to the contest. Why not register your class this year?

Check it out:

This is a great way to start students out on poetry. Edward Lear’s A Book of Nonsense is a classic! Here, students will learn simple rhyme and rhythm. You may want to have students read many and choose their favourites. Ask them to recite their favourite to the class. This will help them develop the rhythm. Next, have student write their own limericks. Put them on cardboard sheets, add a drawing and post them around the class. Have fun with poetry and you’ll have students hooked!

The Entire Book available here:

My favourite poem of all time growing up.

Casey at Bat is a poem boys will love! Disney also made a movie.

The poem is available here: is the site for poetry. Here you’ll be able to find recorded poems read by their own authors.

Check it out:

HowCastVideos are a great way to teach your students how to write different forms of poetry.

Watch how to write a Haiku

Watch how to write a Limerick

Mohamed Ali poetry is the best for boys. They’ll love all the confident and cocky poetry that the heavyweight champion dishes. Who says that poetry is only for wimps?

Here’s a great link for poems and videos of the champ:

Ali Versus (verses) Frazier

Ever write a poem and get stuck on finding a rhyme? Well the Rhyme Zone has the answer to your problem. Just type in the word, and this site will suggest several rhyming words.

Check it out:

My students love this poem by Vernon Scanneli entitled: A Case of Murder

Follow this link: POEM

Poetry 180 is a poem a day for the 180 school days in the U.S. This selection of short poems, chosen by the library of congress, is sure to please.

Check it out: Poetry 180

Gabriel Gadfly is a young poet who has written 2 books of poetry. There are over 400 poems to access through his website.

Check him out:

The Poetry Archive is a British site, much like which also has a wealth of resources for teachers. You can hear poets reading their own compositions. There are even poems for young children.

Check them out:

Famous Poets and Poems is a site where you can find a large collection of poems and quotes from over 631 poets.

Check them out:

Poem Hunter is a huge database of poems of all kinds. Anything you’re looking for, you’ll find here.

Check them out:

Poetry 4 Kids is a website by Kenn Nesbitt. Here you will find lots of funny poems as well as games, contests, a rhyme dictionary

Check them out:

Taylor Mali What Teachers Make, is a classic poem that all teachers have to hear. It is also a great example of Slam poetry.


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