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Short Stories

The following is a list of the authors and short stories that we use in class.

Click on the title for a pdf version.



Edgar Allen Poe

The Tell-Tale Heart

The Black Cat

The Oval Portrait

The Complete Works of E. A. Poe



Shirley Jackson


The Lottery

What a Thought



O. Henry

The Gift of The Magi


After 20 Years

The Ransom of Red Chief

Selected Stories from O. Henry



Jack London

To Build A Fire

The Leopard Man’s Story

White Fang



Roch Carrier

The Hockey Sweater



Stephen Leacock

My Financial Career



Nathaniel Hawthorn

Young Goodman Brown




Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol



George Orwell

Shooting an Elephant



Roald Dahl

Lamb to the Slaughter

Man from the South

Parson's Pleasure

The Collected Short Stories of Roald Dahl



Richard Connell

The Most Dangerous Game



Kurt Vonnegut

Harrison Bergeron (student text with reading comprehension activities)



Hugh Pentecost

A Kind of Murder



Jessy Stuart

Split Cherry Tree



Jerome Weidman

My Father Sits in the Dark


Kathryn Forbes

Mama and her Bank Account



Stephen Vincent Benét

The Devil and Daniel Webster



W.W. Jacobs

The Monkey's Paw

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Ray Bradbury

All Summer in a Day

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There Will Come Soft Rains


The Veldt



William De Mille


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John Collier

The Chaser

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Kate Chopin

The Story of an Hour

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Sandra Cisneros


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Theodore Thomas


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Joan Aiken

Lob's Girl

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Toni Cade Bambara

Raymond's Run

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Anton Chekhov

The Schoolmistress

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Ambrose Bierce

An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge

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