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Summer Camps

The following is a list of the different English Camps that have earned our approval.

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Situated in the beautiful and peaceful area of Stukely, Quebec, AngloFun is an English immersion camp offering a wide variety of artistic, athletic and even agricultural activities. Anglofun offers both day camps as well as overnight camps throughout the summer. It is also possible to book a class trip to AngloFun in the months of May or June.

Stukely, Quebec (ESTRIE)

Phone: 1-877-777-7386

Stay in college residence and learn English at Bishops College Summer Language Camp.

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Phone: 1-877-570-7542


Edphy International has an English immersion program unique and innovative. The program is design for beginners and intermediate. Children will have 3 hours of intensive English lessons per day and the rest of the day will be completed by the fun and dynamic activities of the Multi-Activity program...all in English. Children will be identified by a bracelet and all the staff will address them in English. The kids will speak English to each other and a progress report will be ditributed to parents at the end of the stay.

Val-Morin and Sainte-Lucie, Québec

Phone: 1-888-463-3749

Camp La Grande Aventure… en Anglais! Offers young campers a wide variety of athletic and nautical activities including mountain biking, hiking, canoe, waterpolo, soccer, beach volleyball and much much more. There are also theme days: The Amazing Race Day, Survivor Day, The Ultimate Tournament. Each day includes a time reserved for English conversation.

St-Donat, Québec (Laurentides)

Phone: 1-800-264-5426

At Camp Kéno, for now close to 50 years, we have strongly believed that offering children the opportunity to explore activities unavailable in their usual urban setting is a great way of unleashing their potential. Nature has a way of bringing the best out of human beings. Nestled in a terrific setting where lakes and rivers abound, Kéno puts canoeing out-tripping at the top of it's activity list, which also includes: climbing, archery, obstacle course, sailing, kayaking and canyoning.

St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Québec (Quebec City Region)

Phone: 1-800-925-4198

Here is a listing of all the English camps certified by the Quebec Camps Association.


At Stanstead College Language Adventure Camp, learning a second language has never been so much fun! To provide students with a chance to discover Quebec’s diverse culture and amazing nature, our Language Adventure immersion program organizes several outdoor and cultural activities throughout the duration of the camp in order to get the most out of their camp and learning experience.

Stanstead, Québec

Phone: 1-819-876-2702

Why not consider sending your child to a summer camp in Ontario where he or she is guaranteed to speak only in English? Check out the great guide provided by the Ontario Camps Association. There are so many great camps to choose from, there's bound to be one to suit your child's interests!

Pok-O-Mac Cready Camps is situated in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in New York State. This camp is for boys and girls ages 6 to 16 years. The motto here is: "The Way Summer Camp Should Be... Since 1905". So be ready to wake up early to the sound of the buggler, and enjoy a ton of activities in a majestic environment throughout your day.

CANADIAN CAMPING ASSOCIATION has links to all the provincial camps associations throughout the country, as well as articles that will help parents choose the right camp for their child.


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