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ESL Links

Here are some of our favourite ESL websites.

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This is a cool site that can be paired with Google Classroom where you can assign reading, assess comprehension, and give students feedback. There is a vast library of texts both informational and literary to choose from.

Check it here:

Fantastic site for students to improve their reading comprehension!

Register your students on and their first step will be to take a placement test to determine their starting level. As they read and respond to different texts, you'll be able to follow their progress on the teacher's dashboard.

Check it out! It's a must for all ESLQUEBEC teachers!

I just came across another fabulous resource. It is particularly interesting because it not only has regular definitions, but also explains the new slang, popular culture, acronyms and also emojis. It even has a section to explain the trending famous people; do you know who BTS is? You are going to have so much fun exploring all the facets of this great resource!

Check it out here:

ESL Active is a great site for language teachers and learners. It is described by it's creator, Tim Scargill, as: "a site with lots of free ESL teaching ideas and interactive games."

Check it out here:

300x153 logo provides math and science courses for high school and university level.

You can also acceess free and paid lectures throught their site.

Check them out:

Khan Academy's mission is to provide free world-class education for anyone, anywhere. They do this by having online courses in many different subjects ranging from Economics to Chemistry to English Grammar. Students can follow step-by-step instructional videos, as well as learning quizzes.

Check it out at:

This is a great site. I especially LOVE the grammar videos. Trust me, I have watched several grammar videos and these ones are my favourite. These clips provide a clever balance of instruction and examples without too many bells and whistles.

This website also has a section of videos on current affairs at the ESL level.

See it here:

The coolest website for ESL with a great selection of short films and lessons by teacher, Kieran Donaghy.


Check it out:

Increase your vocabulary and save the world! This is what allows you to do. Earn 10 grains of rice for each correct answer and help support the World Food Programme to help end hunger.

Check it out:

Absolutely incredible resource for Language Arts teachers! This literary resource provides teacher’s guides in Litcharts format to 131 of the most popular novels including favourites such as: The Outsiders, The Giver, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Frankenstein and many more titles. Although there is some advertising on the site, it’s well worth it!

Check it out:

Tons of listening exercises here of different levels— easy, medium and hard, from Randall Davis.


Check it out:

This is truly an awesome ESL link! At Lyrics Training, they play the video and the lyrics, and you sing along. The only problem is that at the same time, you must complete a fill-in the blanks exercise to hear the entire song! They’ve got the most popular music that your students are sure to love.


Check them out:

A very complete resource from the British Council. Here you’ll find everything from grammar to vocabulary to spelling, as well as reading comprehension and even videos and games. BBC Skillswise has many resources to have your students practice their skills wisely!

See it here:

You must meet DAVE SCONDA! He’s one of the funniest teachers ever. His specialty is to teach students pronunciation. He has many videos that are sure to make your students improve, and laugh! Click on the video or

Meet him here:

ETS stands for Education Testing Service. Why not offer graduating students from your Intensive English Program the opportunity to have their level of English proficiency professionally assessed? Recognized by employers worldwide, your students can proudly include their TOEIC score on their resume.

Check out their website:

Nice list of the most common idioms, explained.


The TESL Journal describes itself as an online resource book for teachers. The part I like best is the conversation question project which has a huge number of questions grouped in different categories.

Check this out:

Everybody’s favourite children’s author, Robert Munsch, has a great website where he reads his own books for your listening pleasure.



New ESL website created by two EFL teachers. There are many reading and listening exercises for different levels.

Check it out here: 


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