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International Program

The following is a list of the different IB resources we have gathered.



The IB, International Baccalaureate, seeks to proactively engage like-minded donors, schools, universities, non-governmental organizations, and ministries to develop specialized educational programmes that promote concept-based, student-centered, and internationally-minded education.


Link to IB website:




IB Learner’s Profile

Get the IB Learner’s Profile Guide here: IB_LP

Get the Learner’s Profile on one page here: Page_LP

Oder high quality LP posters here: LP_POSTERS

Other very nice LP posters here: Nice_LP_Posters





Here is a document produced by the IB entitled: Language and Learning in IB Programmes. It details the importance of language acquisition, and multilinguism and language policies for schools.


Link here: Language and Learning in IB Progammes



Another important planning guide from the IB entitled: From Principles into Practice



Language Acquisition Guide and Evaluation Criteria



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